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FAQ: "What Products do You Use?"

Over the course of the months, I have received the most popular FAQ, "What products do you use?" The products that I currently use at the moment are not the same products that I have used in the beginning of my natural hair journey.

Wash Day I co-wash my hair with Pantene Truly Natural Hair Co-Wash.When it is time for a protein treatment, I use Aphogee Keratin Two Minute Reconstructor.I deep condition with a conditioner and an oil. The conditioner I use is the Tresemme Flawless Curls Curl Hydration Conditioner. The oils I use are the African Pride Olive Miracle Growth Oil (during the colder months) and the Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil (during the warmer months). Moisturizers/Leave-ins During the colder months, I like to use the Camille Rose Naturals Almond Jai Twisting Butter. During the warmer months, I like the use Paul Mitchell Original The Conditioner. Styling I love to use styling gels as my stylers. So, my favorite styler is the Olive Oil Eco Styler gel. Also, I like to u…

The Principles to Natural Hair Growth

I am currently 6 years and 3 months completely natural (Post Big Chop) and I'm loving every second of this journey. If you are interested to know about my natural hair regimen, then check out my video!  Link: The Principles to Natural Hair Growth
xoxo, Mariah (ReggaeInspired)