My 10 Curl Confessions

Hey everyone! So, I have been tagged by @HuneyBflyy on Twitter to participate in this #CurlConfessions tag. So, I thought I would give it a try!

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Curl Confession #1: When I first became completely natural, I never moisturized my hair everyday.

Curl Confession #2: In the beginning, when I used to wear Puff Ponytails, I would use a VERY HARD bristle brush to "smooth" my edges (Yikes!). I never realized how much I was damaging my hair.

Curl Confession #3: I don't clip my ends like I should. It's been a year and a half since I clipped my ends.

Curl Confession #4: When I completely became natural, I blew out my hair so much. So, I thought I needed to grease my scalp every time I blew out my hair (Thinking the Old School way).

Curl Confession #5: When I used to flat iron my hair a few years ago, I would apply grease on the entire shaft of my hair before I flat iron. I never realized how much my hair was weighed down and there was no movement in my hair.

Curl Confession #6: I used to be scared to comb my hair in the middle of my head, because it was the thickest part of my hair (I  used the "tender-headed").

Curl Confession #7: During my first couple of years of using gel for my Puff Ponytail styles, I would apply gel to my hair everyday until it was time to wash my hair.

Curl Confession #8: (Linked with #7) When I attempted to get rid of the gel on my hair, I would brush the gel out instead of directly rinsing out the week's worth of gel.

Curl Confession #9: In the beginning, I never knew what finger-detangling was so every time I felt knot in strands, I would pop it off or cut it.

Curl Confession #10: I used to detangle my hair from top to bottom (which caused so many tangles) instead of bottom to top!

I hope you enjoyed my ten curl confessions. I know some of my confessions were shocking, but now I have come to the knowledge of the "Do's and Don'ts" when it comes to my natural hair. I encourage many more naturals to do this tag!

Big Thanks to @HuneyBflyy for tagging me on Twitter. You can check out her Ten Curl Confessions on her blog: !

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