Product Recommendation of the Day: Paul Mitchell Original The Condtioner

Paul Mitchell Original The Conditioner

Name of the Product: Paul Mitchell Original The Conditioner

Purpose of the Product: Leave-in moisturizer that helps balance moisture, prevent dryness and improves texture.

My Thoughts
First and foremost, I want to mention that this product is VERY hydrating. I purchased this product in a 33.8 fl. oz. bottle (which is more than enough). A little goes a long way when applying this product. It is water-based and contains Hawaiian awapuhi (a ginger plant) which makes this product very rich in moisture. When I apply "The Conditioner" on my hair shaft, I'm able to get instant slip. My hair is able to detangle very easily with this product. I recommend that you apply this product on damp or dry hair. This product works well with the LOC Method. So, it is important that you seal the product with an oil or a cream (or both) to save the moisture in your hair. I have used this product for almost a month and I love it so far!
Will I Purchase this product again? Most definitely! I'm currently searching for more oil-based creams to seal the moisture in this product, because it works so well with my hair. I purchased this product from Ulta Beauty for a very good price. Yet, you can check out Paul Mitchell's website at for more information about this suggested product.
*Disclaimer: I am not a hair expert. So, any products that I recommend may or may not work for your hair/hair-type. I am just sharing my experiences with these products. So, I only encourage you to give them a try if you are interested.


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